CIO Retail Summit

Retail Strategy: Capitalizing on Regained Consumer Confidence and Influencing Shopper Behavior

For the first time since the economic downturn, the retail industry is seeing a consistent rise in profits. However, while consumers are back in the stores, their mindsets have changed. They are more educated and more demanding, but spending habits per day still haven't returned to the levels reported by Gallup polls in 2008, just prior to the downturn.

The CIO Retail Summit will help retail organizations learn how to cater to this new consumer, leveraging technology to improve customer experience, convey a consistent brand message and increase profit margins. Agenda topics will include:

  • Influencing consumer choices with social media
  • Maximizing business through mobility and mobile applications
  • Cloud computing compliance, security and optimization
  • Talent management and retention
  • Maximizing the return on digital signage investments

The CIO Retail Summit is an opportunity to explore best practices, have in-depth discussions and make new business contacts in a relaxed, yet focused setting. Attendees will leave the event with new ideas and the ability to make better business decisions for their organizations.

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Case Studies

CradlePoint Solution Allows Retail Jewelry Store to Open, Saving $50,000 CradlePoint Solution Allows Retail Jewelry Store to Open, Saving $50,000

DataStax Case Study - Netflix With its streaming service rapidly gaining popularity with its members, Netflix’s choice of Cassandra is helping the company meet heavy demand for highly available data.

Case Study - Sears Sears Case Study - 10,000 calls per day made easier for one of the largest retailers in North America.

Retail Data Integration - Unified View of Data Across Multiple Channels Today’s data sources have different formats and come from online, in-store, POS, order management, promotion, inventory, and customer data databases. To complicate matters, individual departments often process and summarize this data in ways that suit their unique requirements, not the organization’s as a whole. As a result, data becomes obscured from management, productivity decreases, and storage costs increase. Pythian’s data integration consultants will work with you to identify every data source in your organization, uncover existing integration points, and build the required infrastructure. The end result enables you to collect, process, and store information easily, allowing your entire organization to efficiently compile, share, or gain insights from your data, no matter where it might originate.

Retail Made Personal The Aerohive Retail Made Personal ecosystem defines the path to making retail personal. There are steps you can take today to personalize customer experiences and nurture brand relevance as well as gain advanced capabilities to help build loyalty and personal relationships while being ready to connect to smart fixtures, displays, environmental tags, and other smart infrastructure.


9 of the Top 10 Retailers Use AirWatch Mobility is transforming the retail industry, and top retailers around the world are paying attention. Spanning corporate offices, store locations, operations and distribution centers, mobility in retail is here to stay. Mobile initiatives allow retailers to keep store associates up to date with the latest product and customer information, provide a faster checkout and an enhanced in-store experience, and ultimately, enhance their brand across corporate and store locations.

Inflection Points Retail When it comes to customer loyalty, inflection points are no less important. Every customer interaction — from her first encounter with your brand, through her first purchase, at each touch point she encounters in your loyalty program, and into each post-purchase service encounter — can make or break her relationship with your brand. In today’s recovering global economy, recognizing and positively influencing these loyalty moments of truth has become our singular challenge.

Mitigating Security Risks at the Network’s Edge Every year, the public relations specialists from at least one blue-chip company invariably find themselves working around the clock on a crisis communications effort, attempting to explain to an angry and justifiably fearful public what led to their company compromising customer data. With hundreds or thousands of locations, distributed enterprises are at a particularly high risk of suffering data breaches. This white paper provides strategies and best practices for enterprises to protect their networks against vulnerabilities, threats, and malicious attacks.

Technology Spotlight: User-Driven Omnichannel Analytics Technology Spotlight: User-Driven Omnichannel Analytics

The Power of Real Relationships To understand the promise and peril inherent in the marketing data revolution currently under way, consider the current media buzz around Google Glass. Currently in beta test with a small group of early adopters, Google Glass is a wearable computer that promises to stream real-time information and deliver enhanced-reality applications directly into your field of vision. The device combines a camera, video recorder, microphone, voice recognition, and processing power i what is essentially a hands-free tablet computer. Google competitors are also developing their own wearable smart devices — development of which may herald the next revolution in mobile computing. We can imagine two possible scenarios by which this technology achieves mass adoption — one scenario beneficial to consumers, and one not so beneficial.

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