CIO Retail Summit

Retail Strategy: Capitalizing on Regained Consumer Confidence and Influencing Shopper Behavior

For the first time since the economic downturn, the retail industry is seeing a consistent rise in profits. However, while consumers are back in the stores, their mindsets have changed. They are more educated and more demanding, but spending habits per day still haven't returned to the levels reported by Gallup polls in 2008, just prior to the downturn.

The CIO Retail Summit will help retail organizations learn how to cater to this new consumer, leveraging technology to improve customer experience, convey a consistent brand message and increase profit margins. Agenda topics will include:

  • Influencing consumer choices with social media
  • Maximizing business through mobility and mobile applications
  • Cloud computing compliance, security and optimization
  • Talent management and retention
  • Maximizing the return on digital signage investments

The CIO Retail Summit is an opportunity to explore best practices, have in-depth discussions and make new business contacts in a relaxed, yet focused setting. Attendees will leave the event with new ideas and the ability to make better business decisions for their organizations.

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The best gift you can give your business worldpay gift card program One of the most successful – and affordable – sales strategies small businesses use to attract consumers is selling their own branded gift cards.

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Smart Mobility Platform for Retailers Mobile consumers are in the position of telling retailers where, when, and how they prefer to shop. The shopping experience is no longer confined to the time during which a customer is in a store, although stores are still important fulfillment points for customers. Instead, most consumers look for products, look for stores, compare prices, and seek others’ opinions using a mobile device. Instead of hesitating to open their stores to wireless, retailers should confidently pursue the opportunity with the right wireless network solution. Not only can they enhance their customers’ experience with their brand, they can also use wireless to gather far more insight into shopping and purchase behaviors to drive sales and improve operational effectiveness.

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